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misoarX is rapidly growing community development Smart Contract based automated platform provider. We believe in transparency of transaction. misoarX works with TRON block chain. The plan of this platform is designed by world’s highly professional and experienced people. Plan of this portal is fully calculated.

Technical experts of misoarX are consistently working on various upcoming module to benefit community.

misoarX is not stick with one way earning project but group of separate module is merged with single platform and there are lot to come.

Our Mission:-

There are nth number of projects that makes you dream wealthy. But unfortunately they fail to survive or continue because of so many reasons like Uncalculated Plan, Server Crash with all data, Interference of deplorer [in case of centralized project].

Our mission is to resolve all those issue and proved a transparent admin less platform. Dedicated effort of Tech team it is possible now.

Our Vision:-

Our vision is to reach to the ground level to give the wings to fly high.

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Things To Know

explore the technology

Block Chain

A blockchain is a public ledger that provides information of all the participants and all digital transactions that have ever been executed. A block is the “prevailing” part of a blockchain which is supposed to keep the record of the recent transactions, and once they are completed, it goes into the blockchain. Blocks are added in sequential manner with the next block containing hash of the previous block.

Deletion or Alteration of block is next to impossible

Smart Contract

A smart contract consists of computer code that constitutes a set of rules agreed upon by the concerned parties. When these pre-defined rules or conditions are fulfilled, the smart contract executes itself and provides the output. Smart contracts give the freedom and convenience to enter into transactions with interested parties from all over the world without worrying about trustworthy verifiers or middlemen. The inherent encryption mechanisms present in smart contracts ensure security, trust and tamper-proof process.


TRON is a decentralized blockchain network similar to Ethereum, EOS, and Bitshares.TRON has a specific set of protocols: blockchain explorer, own cryptocurrency (TRX), and an innovative intention. TRON DApps development is the process through which DApps are developed with the aid of the TRON blockchain network.

TRON was introduced to the world in order to create a direct and decentralized media cum entertainment ecosystem.